How to Start a Podcast

  • Production Elements are an important piece of creating the atmosphere of your podcast. It’s the unspoken identity. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and you don’t have to get it right the first time. 

So don’t overthink this – you can always update it down the road.

Intro Voiceover and Music

Extro Voiceover and Music

Podcast Art

Listen to several podcast that you find interesting and see what approach they took. Come up with a short script for your intro.

Then record your voiceover or find a freelancer to do the voiceover for you 

I found our voiceover artist on Fivvr

You can pick out a song your self for free from Garageband or Youtube Studio. or you could get a more unique song from Audio jungle or Epidemic Sound for a small fee. 

then you  can mix them down yourself in your audio Editor or pay a freelancer to mix it for you 

Your Podcast Cover Art is going to be a Variation of the same process

Identify the look or feel you like and then create your version of it you can attempt to do it yourself using a free tool like CANVA or you could find a designer to do it for you

But what I would do is just. Listen to a couple that is maybe, you know, podcasts that you like to get a feel for what you appreciate about an intro. And maybe think about a shorter intro. One thing is, is, you know, no one wants to listen to a two-minute intro. So try to keep your intro, you know, sub 50 seconds.

Maybe between 20 to 40 seconds, and you just want to create the theme, create the experience. Some people can just start talking right away, but listen to a few podcasts and see what resonates with you. Once you have it, just come up with what script you want. And what I did is I just took that script on Fiverr, and I got someone to do an excellent voiceover read.

And then you got to find some music. Now you can’t just get any music. So when you’re picking your song out, maybe go to something like an audio jungle. And you can find a song there that you can license for a few dollars and

You can also get access to all the garage band music for free. It’s a few understood that. YouTube has a bunch of songs on the YouTube platform that you can access for free as well. Something to keep in mind.


Podcast Cover Art

You can have this commissioned by someone on Fiver, 99 design, 48-hour logo. You could create your own using Canva or Snappa. Or go to Upwork and find a freelancer to do it for you.

You can update it or change it at any time. We’ve changed our cover art several times over the years

How to Create Podcast Cover Art

There are several free and paid tools out there for creating your podcast Cover Art. 






99 Design

48 Hour Logo


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