Summer Vacation 2020!

Summer Vacation 2020!Summer vacation 2020 isn’t looking good. My original plan was to visit my parents in Thailand. However, that’s impossible now. Thailand has extended the ban on passenger flights until the end of June. I’m pretty sure the rule will be very stringent when the airport opens back up. Most likely, travelers will have to go into mandatory 14-day quarantine when they arrive. The long flight will be pretty bad too. You have to wear a mask the whole time and it will be very uncomfortable. RB40Jr can barely keep his mask on for 30 minutes. 20 hours with a face mask on would be impossible for him. Luckily, we haven’t booked anything so we don’t have to deal with cancellation. At this point, it looks like international travel is out. Many countries have closed their borders and are only letting their citizens in. Any summer vacation will have to be within the US borders this year.

Even traveling inside the US is iffy right now. Most campgrounds on the west coast are closed this summer. It probably isn’t very safe to use shared bathrooms so that makes sense. Most national parks and state parks are still closed, but they might be open for day use very soon. I guess some hotels are open. Popular attractions like Disneyland are closed. Summer festivals are all canceled. There just isn’t a lot of stuff to do with the coronavirus pandemic still simmering.

It’s been a tough spring with homeschooling, but summer is almost here. A break from homeschooling will help a ton. However, this summer won’t be much fun without a good vacation. Unfortunately, it seems like we only have 2 choices – a staycation or a road trip. Check out my summer plan and share yours in the comment section.

*I know many families have a lot more important things to worry about summer vacation, but let me vent just a bit. Lockdown isn’t easy for anybody. Even an introvert like me is having a hard time.


Obviously, the easiest and safest choice is to have a staycation this summer. However, I’m not sure if I can take it much longer. We’ve been in lockdown for 9 weeks and I’m sick of it. At this point, a staycation in town won’t be much different than lockdown. Portland is under lockdown for now. We might open up at the end of June, but we’ll have to see. Most counties in Oregon are in phase 1 of reopening, but our county isn’t ready yet. So for now…

  • Restaurants are takeout only. Now is a good time to learn how to cook. I got some great easy dishes on my SAHD recipe page.
  • Spas and gyms are closed.
  • Live shows and movie theaters closed.
  • Shopping malls are closed.
  • Recreational centers, pools, museums, libraries, amusement parks, arcades, and entertainment venues are all closed.
  • We can’t even rent a kayak right now.

Unless things improve dramatically, a staycation won’t be much better than a lockdown. I guess we could order some luxurious goods and indulge that way. (To Mrs. RB40…) Honey, can I buy that tandem kayak I’ve wanted for years?

In-state road trips

Our county is still under lockdown, but we could take several short vacations to nearby counties. Most places in Oregon are in phase 1 of the reopening and their economy is ramping up. Many of the businesses I listed above are open with extra precaution in place. I think most of the beach towns are still closed, but they should open up very soon.

We could book a hotel for a couple of nights and go away for the weekend. It’ll a good chance to introduce our son to various in-state attractions. The problem is most people will think this way too. I’m pretty sure the beaches, rivers, lakes, caves, and trails will be packed this summer. I guess we’ll go and see. If it’s too busy, we’ll just relax in the hotel and order room service.

Longer road trip

Unfortunately, short in-state trips just don’t really feel like a vacation to me. If things improve a bit, we might be able to take a longer road trip to see families and friends in California. Mrs. RB40 grew up in southern California, but she never been to Yosemite, Sequoia, or Joshua Tree National Park. I’ve been to those parks because my parents enjoyed road trips and took us when we were young. We could drive down to see families and visit those parks, assuming they open this summer.

The situation would have to improve a lot, though. I’m not sure how I feel about driving so much if the coronavirus is still raging. What if we caught it and spread it around? That would be very irresponsible.

road trip

*2012 road trip.

Summer vacation 2020

In summary, it’s iffy right now. If things improve, we’ll take a 2-week road trip to see friends and families in California. If not, we’ll just take short trips within Oregon. In the worst-case scenario, we’ll probably spend the summer in town and just order some frivolous stuff. There are plenty of rivers and lakes we can visit. It’ll be a lot of fun to take my family kayaking. I guess hiking would be okay too, but most trails are so narrow. You can’t stay 6 feet away from other hikers. Yes, I’m very paranoid. Only the paranoid survive, right?

What about you? What will you do this summer? Is your state opens for business? Give us some ideas.

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