The Lamborgurus, driving their Scamborghinis …

Photoshopped image depicting Paula as a real estate guru with Lamborghinis driven by cats

You know those flashy “real estate seminar” types, the ones who wear $10,000 wristwatches and flash cheesy Powerpoint slides of their Lamborghini at you? 🙄

Don’t trust them. (I reaaaalllly hope I’m stating the obvious.)

I call them Lamborgurus, driving their Scamborghinis. They can be found lurking in the spotlight, dispensing a blend of platitudes and high-leverage, high-risk speculative strategies from the stages of big hotel chains.

They can be forgiven for being tacky. But not for destroying peoples’ retirements with their shoddy ‘investment’ advice.

Here’s the thing:

Be careful about choosing who you take advice from. This is true in any arena — health, fitness, personal finance, business, real estate, travel. Some teachers are better than others. The slick, sentient-infomercial Scamborghini types offer the most dramatic cautionary example.

But there’s another reason.

Most people who teach or offer advice (on any topic) are good people — great integrity, great heart — but they’re not a good fit.

There’s nothing ‘bad’ or ‘incorrect’ about them; they’re a great fit for someone else. But they hold a philosophy, approach, strategy and framework that’s not right for you.

If you want to learn about index funds, you don’t seek out a day trader.

If you want to learn about asset allocation, you don’t ask the neighbor who’s obsessed with penny stocks.

If you want to learn about financial independence through rental property investing, you don’t seek out the mega-deal, high-leverage, speculative-style instructor.

I made a video about this. You can watch it here.


In the video, I chat about real estate investing, but the big-picture idea applies across topics — including music, art, fitness, cooking, creative writing, nutrition, stock and bond investing, and personal finance 101.

Choose your mentors wisely.

— Paula

Hope you’re having a beautiful and safe weekend.

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