Ghosts of Fearless Forecasts

“Want to prepare yourself for the fully exposed luge ride of 2016?”

Anyone who could write these words at the close of 2015 must have had a special window to the future, no? But while some of my Fearless Forecasts have been spot on over the years, even I was unable to predict the absurdity that was headed our way.

In my forecast for 2016, I claimed that the last person to retire had already been born. Now we have a newly elected Congress rubbing their greedy mitts together over Social Security and Medicare. It might have been more accurate to say the last person to retire had already gone through menopause.

Way back in 2006 I predicted a new medical diagnosis… Blackberry recovery syndrome. But the Blackberry was just a gateway drug. No withdrawals, we’ve just moved on to harder stuff. By 2009 my crystal ball was clearing up to reveal the smartphone reality.

I was wrong about Donald Trump back in 2008, and I corrected course in my predictions about the incorrigible bloviator in 2013. But, like the rest of the country, I didn’t understand his staying power until about 8 pm on November 8, 2016.

My 2007 Cosmo and Money prediction didn’t fully grasp the realities of a post-fact era. And who knew Teen Vogue would be the beacon of respectable journalism rising from the ashes of 2016?

I did nail one prediction that same year. We will all continue to worry. It continues to be a good sign. If we have something to worry about, it means we still have something worth hanging onto.


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