The Treehouse Writing Studio

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Ever since roaming the woods of Michigan as a rambunctious child, I’ve dreamed of having a treehouse.  I tried to build one when I was 10 years old, but the reality fell far short of the dream.  A shoddy wooden platform, perhaps, but a stretch to call it a “real” treehouse.

That dream has persisted for five decades, though it’s evolved over the years. Since retirement, the dream has been to build a treehouse writing studio. With some modifications, the dream has finally become a reality. In fairness, the modifications resulted in the end product not being a treehouse at all. But it may just be the penultimate writing studio. 

More importantly, it FEELS like the treehouse of my dreams. 

A dream come true, after 50 years in the making. I believe that’s worth writing about, and I trust you agree.

Today’s post is the first I’ve written from my new “treehouse writing studio”.  As I type these words, I’m looking out the window of my “treehouse”, staring at the trees.  I’ll be writing here for years to come, but this post will always be the first.  Fitting, then, that it introduces my treehouse writing studio in a manner befitting the achievement of a dream. 

So, come on in.  Take a look around.  I’ve got some pics to share.

Today, I’m introducing you to…

…The new World HQ of The Retirement Manifesto!

Today, I’m sharing the penultimate writing studio. The new World HQ of The Retirement Manifesto! Click To Tweet

My desire for a treehouse writing studio intensified with the success of this blog (just ask my wife, we’ve laughed about my treehouse dream for years).  Since moving into our “Great Retirement Cabin“, I’ve spent a fair amount of time scouring our woods for the perfect “treehouse tree”.  You know the type – that huge sprawling oak or maple tree, with the 5 huge branches that form the perfect horizontal base for the ultimate treehouse writing studio.

Alas, we live in the North Georgia mountains, a land better known for its magnificent pine trees.  Pine trees are ok, but their “telephone pole” design and shorter lifespan make them far from ideal for building the treehouse writing studio of my dreams.

As the dream evolved, we got more realistic.  As I wrote in the recent post “Building A Dream“, we settled on an alternative route.  Below is an updated picture since I wrote that post, showing the completed 20′ x 30′ “Purpose Full Workshop” we settled on as the building of our retirement dream:

The Completed Purpose Full Workshop

The building has come a long way since I wrote that post on June 17th, and today I’d like to share with you the 10′ x 15′ “treehouse writing studio” behind the blue door shown above.  A future post will highlight the adjacent woodworking shop, it’s skeleton hidden behind the 16′ door on the right of the photo above.

The Ultimate Writing Studio

It’s rewarding to design something “from the ground up”, and I took full advantage of the opportunity to design my ultimate “treehouse writing studio”.  I’ve always loved natural light, so it’s got a lot of windows.  No treehouse is complete without a deck, so I incorporated a wrap-around deck with sleek black metal tubing to open up the view of the woods.

It kinda looks like a treehouse from here, right?

Ok, it’s time to head inside…

As you step off the driveway, up the stairs, and across the deck, you’ll turn the knob on that blue front door.  Push it open, and you’ll enter the completed treehouse writing studio, in all her glory:

I’m particularly fond of the Gettysburg print hanging on the wall – it was a gift my sisters and I gave to my Dad, which he regifted to me when he moved into assisted living.  It’s the 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment in some of the fiercest fighting of Gettysburg, which took place in the Hell known as “The Wheatfield”. 

Some young men from my home town fought in that battle, and that print has special meaning to both my Dad and me. The eagle head sculpture is also a gift from him.  Heirlooms which I’ll treasure for years to come.  (To see both the eagle and painting up close, check out “18 Lessons I Learned From My Dad: A Tribute”

I also love the look of that “chestnut” wood laminate flooring.  It was my first ever flooring install, and I was pleased with the result.  I decided to make a “How To” video as I installed the floor, so have a look if you’d like to see what I went through to put that floor in place:

As you move to the right (toward the entrance to the woodworking shop), here’s the view looking back at my writing area.  I’m sitting in that chair as I write these words.   Gotta love those views!  Feels like a treehouse, right?

Ok, one last photo and your tour will be completed (hey, it’s only 10′ x 15′, after all…) If you walk out those french doors and turn around, here’s the view you’ll see as you look back into the treehouse writing studio:

The New World HQ of The Retirement Manifesto

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour of my new treehouse writing studio.  I hope it gives you the same sense of being in a treehouse that it does me.  If you’re wondering about that “World HQ” title I’ve given to the place, have no worries.  It’s official!  There’s even an awesome glass nameplate on one of the windowsills (just above my main computer monitor), which my sister gave me as a gift:

Pursuing Our Dreams

As mentioned when I “announced” our Purpose Full Workshop project, the workshop isn’t about material possessions. Rather, it’s about pursuing our dreams in our retirement years.  Investing in those things that we know bring us Purpose and Passion in retirement.  Knowing we’ll be building doghouses for my wife’s charity, Freedom For Fido, for years to come was the foundation for the woodworking shop.  My love of writing was the purpose behind the treehouse writing studio. 

The fact that I can also trick myself into thinking I’ve finally built the treehouse of my dreams?

That’s just a bit of frosting on the cake.

Pursue your dreams.

You never know where they’ll lead.


Pursuing our dreams is the frosting on the retirement cake.  Keep trying new things until you find a few that you love.  Take that first step, you never know where it may lead.  5+ years ago I started this blog when my wife was away one weekend.  I had no idea that writing would turn into a passion that would bring me fulfillment through my retirement years. A passion that would help thousands of readers “Achieve A Great Retirement”. 

A passion that would lead to the treehouse of my dreams.

As I sit in my new treehouse writing studio, I’m pinching myself.  It’s hard to believe that a passion can have such power.  That a passion can bring so much fulfillment.  That a passion can be so rewarding.  

The view from my treehouse is amazing. I think I’m going to log off now and stare out the windows for a while.  Because, you know, I’m retired and I can.

Find Your Passion.

Build Your Treehouse.

Your Turn:  What dream have you always had?  What dreams are you fulfilling in retirement?  Let’s chat in the comments…


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