Responses to My Retirement

It’s different for everyone and you do have to have a lot of outside interests or you will get board.

Here’s what I’m doing now to keep myself busy:

1. Managing this blog plus one other. It takes a lot of time to write all this stuff not to mention the tech and marketing aspects.

2. Helping my son get a second job and helping my daughter get a new job.

3. Planning to attend my 30th college reunion. I would have never taken vacation time to do it but now that I’m retired, I can go! My three best friends from college will be there — two of which I haven’t seen in two decades! Also get a visit in with my parents as they live close to where I went to college.

4. Prepping the yard for fall. My yard has never been so well fed/cared for. Also many other misc home repair tasks that have piled up and there never used to be time for.

5. Working out five times a week. No longer rushed, so it’s awesome. I take two to three long walks with my wife every day to boot.

6. Helping my daughter apply for college. I’m soon to tackle the FAFSA and am dreading it.

7. Volunteering for a local non-profit that helps feed the poor. I actually have a lunch meeting today to meet with a donor for them.

8. Doing much more cooking. I’m the grillmaster at home and we’ve had lots of great food given I have the time to work on it.

9. Once a week the whole family picks a day and we go out for fun. This week we played two games of glow in the dark mini golf and had lunch. There isn’t much time left for all of us to be together so we are making the most of it while we can.

10. Started the process of teaching personal finance at my church (based on Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey).

Those are just the top of mind things. My to-do list is long every day. I get to a couple things each day but also take lots of breaks to read, watch a movie with my wife or play video games with the kids.

I LOVE Rick Warren (I got to meet him a couple years ago) and read The Purpose Driven Life many, many years ago. I haven’t read the book you note but I’m assuming it’s an expansion of what he said in TPDL.

BTW, nice site you have. But the Eagles? Really? 😉

Did you happen to watch America’s Got Talent and see how well John Doornbos (Eagles snapper) did?

Oh, that reminds me — I’ve watched more college and pro football in the past couple weeks than I did the previous five years. Loving it!!!!


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