Retirement 18-Month Update

Enjoyed the 18 month update ESI. Have followed you since your earlier blog (pre-ESI), and you have certainly followed through on your ESI concepts. Something you have every right to be proud of.

I had to laugh several times during you blog above. I continue to be amazed at our life similarities (age, business background, FIRE decisions, healthy choices in FIRE, movie trends, and other interests). I’d swear you were somehow writing about our life experiences in the post above! The Mrs and I are only in month#9 of retirement, but your weekly routine was all too familiar. I decided to build out a gym in my basement over the holidays, and have been hitting the weights pretty hard each morning. I’m still getting my daily steps in too (also a 15k target!), but you’re right, it is tougher with the cold weather. I have a one mile loop walking trail around our lake place, that my Golden Retriever “Jack” and I take each morning (we shoot for at least a couple of times each day). And we also just stopped our own low carb diet for essentially the same reason! I am down 20lbs since retiring last May, but I was starting to lose muscle. And on the “meetings”…I literally just had a very similar conversation with my wife after having lunch with an old colleague on Thursday. After listening non-stop for 15 minutes about his continuing misery at my former mega corp and his finances, I could feel that old familiar stress creeping back in, that I hadn’t felt in months. I love the guy. We were always close at work, but my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears for years. I think Apex and UclaBruin are absolutely right in their earlier comments. I may be limiting “meetings” moving forward too!

Anyway, great update as always. Would love to buy you a beer at one of our great local craft breweries on one of your trips to Virginia. I would imagine our beer “meeting” would be anything but stressful. We can kick back enjoy a great craft beer, the beautiful Virginia landscape, and just enjoy retirement for a few hours! Holler, if you are heading to Virginia anytime in the near future. The beer is on me!


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