Retirement One Year Anniversary Update

Congrats on your retireversary!

I’m 41, soon to be 42, and am financially able to retire (NW of $3M, with ~$2.25M liquid), except one thing. I’m unsure about the future of health insurance. My employer has a very generous policy and, while I am generally healthy, I’m very active and in the last year a lifetime of good luck caught up with me and I’ve had several serious sports related injuries.

This was a stark reminder that I’m grateful for my corporate health insurance. It’s not clear to me what the market will be like in a few years, but I’d hate for my nestegg to be drained due to an unexpected health issue coupled with some kind of insurance problem.

Due to this I’ve instead simply cut back. I’m working 80%, and not putting in the extra hours that a “career” person might. I’m not only not gunning for promotions, I’m actively avoiding them!

I’m curious what your experience has been with health insurance, being presumably too young to qualify for medicare, and no longer covered by a company policy?


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