Retirement Update: 2.75 Years

I’m also not a doctor, but this sounds inline with my experience and understanding. There are other important details a lot of doctors don’t dig into, but that level of detail is beyond this discussion.

My wife & I tackled this issue at the beginning of 2019. We are taking a staged approach each quarter and adding more actions, depending on results at the end of each Qtr.

1st Qtr – Started 48 hr continuous fast weekly, increased fiber with supplement 30 minutes prior to meals and fish oil supplement daily. Implement other various dietary changes. After 3 months my wife dropped 30 pts, but I didn’t drop any.

2nd Qtr – Do everything from Qtr 1 and add regular cardio exercise routine.

3rd Qtr – Obtain updated test results and depending on results from Q2, add further supplements. Researching plant sterols, Red Yeast Rice and other options. Although these are natural, they can have similar side effects as medical grade statins.

4th Qtr – Obtain updated test results from Q3 and depending on results, talk to doc about starting entry level statin dosage.

One thing the FI community may like to know about is online health diagnostic vendors we discovered a few years ago. You order your tests online (Blood, Urine, etc.) and prepay at significant discount. From there, you go to local vendor and have samples taken. Since they are prepaid, you don’t pay anything or provide any insurance info at the vendor. They process the samples and e-mail the results to you directly. This option is often cheaper than using my health insurance for these tests. I do this just prior to annual physical and simply bring a copy of the results to my doctor, so they review and place it in my file. Our latest favorite vendor is

Considering the escalating healthcare costs in the US and the extremely slow progress our elected officials have made on this issue, managing your personal health seems like an important aspect of preparing for and living through early retirement.



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