Please don’t adjust your dials.

Hey, friends. Some good news!

First up, I finished my “intro to FIRE” course course for Audible and turned in the manuscript. Once the script is approved, I’ll head to the recording studio. Not sure about any projected release date, but we’re moving along.

At the same time, it looks like development on the brand-new Get Rich Slowly site design is done. Well, mostly so. There are still a handful of tweaks we’d like to make — but we’d like to do them after the new site is public. To that end, we intend to push the new design live in the next 24 hours or so. This shouldn’t cause any hassles…but you never know.

Once the new site is up, please please please give us feedback. We need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Behind the scenes, Tom and I are both very excited about the future of Get Rich Slowly. We’ve been doing so much background stuff for the past year that the actual front-end has been a little neglected. That’s about to end.

HOWEVER…there’s also a bit of bad news.

For the past few weeks, while she’s been furloughed from work, Kim has been handling all of the home and yard chores while I finished my course. She’s excited for me to be finished so that I can lend a hand.

As part of that, we went to Home Depot this morning to buy a wood chipper. When we went to load it into her new RAV4, my left elbow went *crunch*, then my bicep and forearm instantly became sore and tight. Kim insisted on driving me to urgent care (because we Roths don’t do that kind of thing — we just suffer for weeks). X-rays found nothing wrong, so the doctor put me in a sling and put me on muscle relaxers. I’m supposed to use my arm “75% less than normal” for the next few days. If things don’t improve then they want an MRI.

So, while I’m mentally ready to go, and while the new design will roll out shortly, actual new articles may be a little slower to follow than I’d planned. But they’re coming.

I hope all of you are doing well. And I hope you like the new layout. Once we have all the kinks worked out, it should be much more usable for everyone. Bring on GRS 4.0!


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