Some Very Cool Retirement Charts

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I came across some very cool retirement charts in this Guide To Retirement from JP Morgan and found them fascinating.  Perhaps it’s due to the two years I spent in a strategy role making charts, but I’ve always found charts a powerful means (if done well) to share information in an easy to digest manner.  I consider the JP Morgan guide a gold mine of great retirement charts.

So, today we’ll be looking at pictures.  I hope you find them as fascinating as I did.

Today, a bunch of very cool retirement charts from J.P. Morgan. Not too many words in today’s post, but a lot of cool charts… Click To Tweet

I’ve never come across the JP Morgan Guide to Retirement before, but I’m glad I found their 2020 edition.  I hope you enjoy these very cool retirement charts as much as I did. 

Click on this link to view all of the charts in the original JPM study, I included just a few of my favorites below.

1) Your Level of Control over retirement variables

2) Life Expectancy

3. Lots of Older Folks Still Working

4.  68% of Folks Expect to work until age 65, only 28% actually do.

5.  Savings Rates Required to Retire at age 65

6.  Spending Declines With Age

7. Safe Withdrawal Rates vs. Asset Allocation

8. The Sequence of Return Risk is real 

9.  Private Health Insurance is Expensive

10.  Long Term Care Probabilities

11.  The Bucket Strategy


I told you they were some cool retirement charts, right?

Your Turn:  Which one was your favorite, and why?  Did you learn anything?  Let’s chat….


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