Holiday Gifting Ideas for Kids

With the Holidays coming up and the giving spirit in full motion, I wanted to share something I heard on a radio show regarding giving that stuck with me.

It’s common for people to have a budget for the Holidays and the best laid plans to stick to it. Often, those plans get blown to bits as emotions come into play and wanting to give as much as they can to their kids. I’ve been guilty of it myself.

Here’s what the show recommended: give a total of four gifts per child.

  1. A gift they want – this could be something your child has been asking about quite often such as a toy, pet, etc.
  2. A gift they need – this could be music, dance, karate lessons. Or something practical and useful for school, college, etc.
  3. A gift they can wear – not a ton of explanation here.
  4. A gift they can read – a good book can go a long way. Additionally, a magazine subscription based on their interests, or age may also be beneficial.

You may also consider a combination of gifts from the above. You could combine the something to wear with something they want – such as a designer piece of clothing, etc.

Though not fool proof, this may help as a guide to not overspend this Holiday Season.



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